Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduates of electrical and computer engineering have a wide range of exciting career and graduate degree options in areas including renewable energy, wireless communications and radar, robotics, advanced computing, artificial intelligence (AI), electronic materials and devices, medical and space applications, sustainable transportation systems including electric and hybrid vehicles and aircraft and more.




Engineering and Computer Science students have an opportunity to participate in innovative engineering applications alongside dedicated faculty members.

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Feb. 20, 2020
Engineering and computer science students speak at internship panel
Baylor’s Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) hosted an internship panel for students Tuesday night as part of the School of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) Week. The panel featured engineering and computer science major students that had previously held corporate internships or participated in undergraduate research.
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Feb. 19, 2020
IT Trends to Watch as Higher Education Moves into a New Decade
The conversation about digital transformation is shifting from “What is it?” to “How do we do it?” Campus leaders are rethinking the user experience in response to competition, financial pressure and a growing expectation that technology be optimized to improve education, boost productivity and simplify operations.
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Jan. 14, 2020
Baylor University Launches Postdoc Hiring Program to Accelerate Research Endeavors
Baylor University announced today the formation of a postdoctoral researcher hiring program to support and enhance research across the University. The postdoctoral hiring program will dramatically accelerate Baylor’s efforts to deliver top-level research marked by quality, visibility and impact through the planned addition of 65 professional researchers over the next three years.
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Jan. 3, 2020
Recent WSJ, US News rankings recognize Baylor’s community among nation’s best
It stands to reason that if students connect deeply to their new community early in college life, and are then presented with learning environments that consistently inspire and engage, that those students will be best suited to get the most out of the collegiate experience. Those are aspects Baylor intentionally builds into the student experience, and once again, people are taking notice.
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