Cybersecurity & Networking

Ubiquitous interconnectivity is the source of great knowledge and risk. Our research into networking and cybersecurity addresses both extremes. In networking, we explore novel communication service architectures to ensure correctness and scalability. To protect this infrastructure, we focus on topics including cryptocurrency, production isolation for risk mitigation, contextual authentication and authorization.

Research in cybersecurity is driven by our fundamental need to protect systems and information from malicious actors and events. It focuses on a combination of network security, data analytics, and policies and procedures for dealing with potential threats.

Faculty Involved

Dr. Jeff Donahoo

Networking & Cybersecurity; cryptocurrency & multicurrency, P2P (Peer-to-peer) protocol, incentive systems, P2P storage systems, competitive cybersecurity

Dr. Tomas Cerny

Software Engineering & Cybersecurity; aspect-oriented software development, internet of things (IoT) security, microservice architecture design, context-aware user interface design, enterprise software development, code analysis

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