Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

Baylor’s PhD in Computer Science is designed for students who want to learn how to do research, and intend to continue doing research in the academy, industry, or other positions. As a student in the program, you will learn to do research through faculty mentorship (in the classroom, on projects, and in independent study). This research is built upon a breadth of knowledge of the field, provided by coursework.

Applicants should have a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in computer science or a closely related field. We do expect successful applicants to have the equivalent training of a B.S. degree in computer science from Baylor University. In particular, that means knowledge of fundamental theory (math, algorithms, data structures), computer systems (operating systems, network, databases), software engineering, as well as programming. Master's level coursework can be considered for credit upon entrance into the PhD program, however it is not required.

Most students finish their doctoral program within 5 years, and nearly all incoming doctoral students receive full tuition support, subsidized health insurance, and a multi-year stipend assistantship by working as a Graduate Assistant (Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant position).

Baylor’s Computer Science Graduate Program is a small, focused, and practical program where graduate students get the time, attention, resources, support, and opportunities to launch themselves as computer science professionals.

If you have any further questions regarding the PhD in Computer Science program, please contact our Graduate Program Director: Dr. Michael Poor 

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