Degree Requirements - M.S. in Computer Science

Baylor’s M.S.C.S. is a 36 semester-hour graduate program comprising 30 hours of graduate course work and 6 hours of research either as a thesis option or as a project option. The Graduate Committee will appoint a graduate Advisory Committee for each student to monitor the progress of the student.

At least fifteen semester hours are required at the 5000 level excluding 5V92, 5V96, and 5V99. All work presented to meet the requirements for this degree must be approved by the student’s Advisory Committee or thesis Committee.

Thesis Option (total 36 semester hours)

The thesis option is designed for students who are interested in eventually obtaining a Ph.D. in computer science or for well-qualified students who wish to complete a master’s degree in the shortest time possible.

Required Courses           6 sem. hours

CSI 5010 Graduate Seminar  (2 semesters)

CSI 5v92 Master’s Research (3 hours)

CSI 5v99 Thesis (3 hours)

Area Courses                   21 sem. hours

Area course requirements are designed to provide students with sufficient breadth of knowledge for a Master of Science degree. It is expected for students to take courses of interest for their research as part of this requirement.

Students must take at least two theory courses, one software engineering course, two system courses and two application courses. A student may petition for a course taught for graduate credit within the Computer Science department but not listed to count as a course towards a specific area requirement. One course may not be counted towards more than one area.

Elective Courses              9 sem. Hours

A student’s undergraduate preparation will normally include courses in Data Communications and Operating Systems. For students without prior course work in these areas, one of the following two courses may be taken for graduate credit, but only one of these courses may count toward the master’s degree requirements.

CSI 4321 Data Communications

CSI 4337 Introduction to Operating Systems

With the approval of the advisory committee, the student may take one 5000-level course from outside the department. No more than one course from outside the department may count toward the master’s degree requirements.

Except as mentioned above, any CSI course that is offered for graduate credit may be taken as an elective. A total of 9 semester hours of electives are required.

Project Option (total 36 semester hours)

The project option is designed for students interested in a terminal master’s degree. It is also appropriate for students who continue to work while obtaining the degree. This option is designed for a fall entry. The program is intended to be completed in two years by a full-time student, but it is structured so that additional time may be taken to complete the degree.

Required Courses           6 sem. hours

CSI 5010 Graduate Seminar  (2 semesters)

CSI 5v92 Master’s Research (3 hours)

CSI 5v96 Project (3 hours)

All other requirements are same with the Thesis option

Area Courses                 21 sem. hours

Electives Courses           9 sem. hours

If you have any further questions regarding the PhD in Computer Science program, please contact our Graduate Program Director: Dr. Eunjee Song


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