Data Science

Data Science is the field of study that develops techniques and algorithms for efficient management and analysis of big data. This field employs mathematics, statistics and computer programming disciplines, and incorporates advanced techniques of data mining, machine learning and visualization. Baylor research in this field focuses on parallel computing, data modeling, natural language processing, and network data mining.

Faculty Involved

Dr. Henry Han
Dr. Han's research focuses on Data Science, Fintech, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics & health informatics, quantum machine learning, and cybersecurity.

Dr. Greg Speegle
Dr. Speegle's research focuses on database and big data analysis, automatic integration of big data tools, and big data query processing.

Dr. Erich Baker
Dr. Baker's research focuses on bioinformatics, genomics, computational systems biology, knowledge-based discovery, systems modeling, and integrative data analysis.

Dr. Greg Hamerly
Dr. Hamerly's research focuses on machine learning, efficient and robust clustering, detecting photographic symptoms of disease, quantification of invasive freshwater species, text mining and critical analysis, collaborative learning, and competitive programming.

Dr. Pablo Rivas   

Dr. Rivas’ research is in the deep learning areas of machine learning, including efficient and fast learning algorithms, multispectral data analysis for aerosol detection, computer vision for general object recognition and facial recognition, and natural language processing models for robust latent sentence representations. He’s also working with IEEE to develop the AI ethics standards in the P7000 series.

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